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Terms and Conditions


1.Terms & Conditions-Sales :

The rates & terms of sales & services applied in this tax invoice are as per the rates & terms of sales & services discussed with the buyer and prevailing on this market day of tax invoice preparation, and in no way guarantee or forecast, or promise any future rates or terms of sales & services to any buyer & associates in any way whatsoever. the rates and the terms of sales & services are strictly decided on the particular market day as per prevailing market conditions when the buyer places the order or requests the quotation or estimate. The buyer is therefore requested to discuss the same for every order with the company’s sales front before placing any order.
Any discrepancies in this particular tax invoice regarding any aspect of it shall be notified to us by the buyer within 2 days of receipt of this tax invoice by the recipient.

2.Terms & Conditions-Delivery :

Delivery shall be made as soon as the transport vehicle and pickup and booked and arranged by the particular transporter.
If the order is eligible for Free Delivery and is fulfilled by us then the tentative time of delivery shall be communicated by us to the buyer.
Delays in transport or arranging transport might occur based on prevailing local conditions of lockdowns, patrolling, weather, and other unaccountable events. Our company shall in no way be responsible for such delivery delays. Any alterations to the quantity, quality, and packaging or any other aspects of the goods arising out of such delays will in no way be our company’s responsibility.
Our company shall not be in any way responsible for the goods once handed over (at our premises or transporter’s premises) to the third party transport, mutually decided by the company and the buyer, with regards to quantity, quality, and packaging or in any other aspect.
Our company will hold & freeze the rates for particular items decided and finalized with the buyer for a maximum of one day if no payments towards this particular order are made by the buyer to our company. At least 30% of the total bill amount will be needed by our company from the buyer if the buyer wishes to hold and freeze the rates beyond one day. The date when the order is assured and confirmed by the buyer will be considered at the order date for holdings rates. If the buyer fails to assure the order is confirmed and finalize the mode and terms of payments with us, the order will be automatically deemed canceled and new prevailing rates shall then apply to items.