Imported Orenges
Imported Orenges - 500g

Imported Orenges

₹ 139

₹ 150


Maximum Order Quantity is 5 pcs

Fresho brings you an assortment of 4 imported oranges, which make for an ideal gift during the festive season or even for making desserts and juices. These imported oranges are much bigger in size as compared to the Indian counterpart. You will notice their skin is much brighter and vibrant too. Easy to peel, these oranges are a healthy snack alternative.


  • Oranges are a good source of vitamin C and B complex. They lower cholesterol and control blood sugar level.
  • Oranges contain carotenoids, which maintains good eye health and prevents constipation. Orange peels are highly nutritious, fibre-rich and edible.
  • They are believed to be good for skin and nails.

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